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Julia Márquez

Lead Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Julia is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Los Angeles. Her work spans a variety of industries – including fashion, music, corporate, and small business.

Julia is passionate about promoting equity, respect and positive change
through her work and lifestyle.

A few things about Julia.

1. Memoires 

Wild. Just Kids. Becoming. 
A Short Life of Trouble. I love inspiring stories of
strong women. 

2. There and back

A ticket thats taken me
around the world, and
back home again. 

3. Grown

Nature is nurture. Never
lose your connection with it. 

4. Best friend

Mine is named Jim, and
he's a good boy. 

5. Windy city 

Born and raised. 
Cubbies fan for life. 

6. Handy

I like to fix things myself. 
Ladies, we can do it!  

7. Noted 

Written down, drawn up,
sketched out.

8. Frida

I like to see life like Frida did, flawlessly flawed. 

9. I do

A daily reminder
of a lifetime commitment. 

10. Om

We all need to quiet
our minds at times. 

11. Passed down

I keep generations of
meaningful things. 

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