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Here goes...somethin.

So here's a typical day for me: Wake up (3rd alarm's the charm), morning routine (didn't wake up this way), work work work work work, kick butt at the gym, report for dog mom duties at 1800hrs, cook somethin, clean somethin, too much HGTV, and bed by 10 (ok 9). Hit repeat.

And I would guess many of us live like this. Routines 5 days a week, fun and freedom for 2, if we have the energy? And don't get me wrong, routines aren't all bad! Mine's helped me get a lot done. But sometimes I think about the big picture and wonder if this routine is getting me closer it. I think if you ask most people, "hey you, what do you want out of life," they might say something similar to what I've been saying for the past..too many years: "I want to make a difference," I want to do something great," "I just want to be happy."

Noble but, yup, pretty vague. Lately I've been mulling over the tougher questions: What am I making a difference on? What is great? What makes me happy?

Everyone has a different thing that gets them up in the morning, keeps them up at night. Something that, when you add all the little things up, sum to something big and exciting.

I'm not here to tell you how to create meaning in your life. You have to find the thing. But I am here to share with you my journey to find the deeper meaning in my life, and share a few tricks along the way.


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